By Mary Wickman, PhD, RN

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The Many Benefits of Engagement in ACNL!

As nurse leaders, we are very busy and often hesitant to commit to “one more thing.” But I can assure you, making time to join and engage in ACNL will reap tremendous benefits and help you grow as a leader.

I joined this organization in 2007 at the urging of my colleague and longtime ACNL member, Karen Ringl. I am so grateful to Karen for her suggestion! Little did I know at the time – all the opportunities that ACNL would provide me both personally and professionally.  This personal and professional growth has continued to evolve through committee work, chapter involvement, a position on the Board of Directors as the Southern region representative, and most recently as ACNL’s President-Elect.

I make it a point to volunteer in any organization I join, because it helps me to connect more closely with the mission, vision and values and engage with members.  This is most certainly true for ACNL. I encourage every new member to get involved at the chapter level, attend ACNL’s Annual Conference and join an ACNL committee that is a good match for your passions, talents and strengths. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with inspiring nurse leaders, both locally and throughout the state.

If you are considering joining ACNL, my advice is follow the Nike slogan and just do it! This is decision you will not regret. I look forward to meeting you at ACNL’s Conference in Disneyland!



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